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Finding M0RNX

IThis last year I have been travelling a 160 mile round trip to work, at first you wince at the thought of a 13 hr day on top of the journey time back and forth. Admittedly due to the work we all felt it important, but as time has gone on with an end rolling back further, having the radios in the car has been a real help mand lifeline.

I will always have the FM repeaters scanning and at different times the Amersham, Farnham & Isle of Wight repeaters have good use. Shout out to the IW Breakfast Club who have kept me entertained from Liss to the South coast each morning.

Of the digitals I use Wires-X in the mornings with a node in nthe car & where I can be of a mind to switch on the APRS, that too. D-Star happens to be runner up because the Icom fist speaker mic doesn't cut the road noise in the 4 * 4, annoying plus if I'm being sniffy the Yaesu has a camera. Whilst volunteering at Bletchley N.R.C I picked up the habit of using D-Star in the afternoon as we have a repeater sat right with us, the habit stuck. Both codecs very different from DMR which is actually where I started my digital adventure, it got a little left behind due to D-stars easy menu and Wires-X due to the versatility of the HRI 200. However now that I run an Openspot 3 actually made  the use of 1 H.T & cross mode a different experience.

Lately due to the use of an Inrico T320 I've discovered Zello, IRN & more importantly upgraded my Echolink to the new software. Echolink has been an asset when I can't reach the UK repeater on analogue from the car.

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