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Finding M0RNX

I will always have the FM repeaters scanning and at different times you will be surprised who you may catch if you call. My own experience having more contacts on 70cm than 2m, but with the addition of 4m I've found I call more.

I use Wires-X, Dstar & DMR including a Wires-X node & gateway with an OpenSpot3 in the 4 * 4. Whilst volunteering at Bletchley N.R.C I picked up the habit of using D-Star in the afternoon as we have a repeater sat right with us, the habit stuck. The inclusion of an Senhaix N60 meant I discovered Network Radio & more importantly upgraded my Echolink to the new software.

HF mobile now provided by an Icom 7100 and various aerials including a screwdriver with a 10' tank whip, having kept my older widebanded IC7000 as a handy monitor for USB 11m DX. 

The S.A.R & Safety emcomm line up includes analogue & digital repeaters with the addition of Aredn 2.4ghz & 5ghz nodes with Net Control running the pbx ip phones etc.

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