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Finding M0RNX

I will always have the FM repeaters scanning and at different times you will be surprised who you may catch if you call, my journey to work always an adventure in a chosen mode. Let's face it giving one of many modes a chance allows you to find buried treasure. Scan many & scan nothing. My own experience having more contacts on 70cm than 2m, but with the addition of 4m I've found I call more.

I also use Wires-X, Dstar, Allstar & DMR in the 4 * 4. Whilst volunteering at Bletchley N.R.C I picked up the habit of using D-Star in the afternoon as we have a repeater sat right with us, the habit stuck. The inclusion of an Senhaix N60 meant I discovered Network Radio & more importantly upgraded my Echolink to the new software.

HF mobile now provided by an Icom 7100 and various aerials including a screwdriver with a 10' tank whip, having kept my older widebanded IC7000 as a handy monitor for USB 11m DX. 

The S.A.R & Safety emcomm line up includes analogue & digital repeaters with the addition of Aredn 2.4ghz & 5ghz nodes with Net Control running the pbx ip phones, Meshchat etc.

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