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Busy off air

It took some time but I tracked down all the parts needed to add a Tarheel 400A to the 4 * 4. There was no hiding the vehicle it was conspicuous already, but they are not small devices and require a significant bracket and effort to bond and set up correctly. However when you operate them, you can appreciate all that effort. I chose to repurpose a bracket I had created to fir the spare wheel bolts.

The tinkering continued with a DR2 C4FM/Wires-X repeater and working to add a second radio to the HRI, actually giving the system a preset frequency (144.6125) as a 'Where's the nearest repeater ping'. Hit your Wires-X button with this Yaesu advertised frequency and if the local repeater is using this system it 'pings' your radio back and sets the radio automatically. In fact with the IMRS board in the DR2 you can link repeaters via the internet, and then the only thing left to build is a P2P wifi link to build a cluster. Plenty of work to do there, but the 'Southern Fusion' guys are pushing ahead. The idea being to build a backbone and then independent cluster for Emcomm, local Government and Hams alike. Check it out, it works and it is all in the manual lol.

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