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House keeping

Sheesh it has to be done, but backing up SSD/HDD and all the Firm/Software is just a tedius task. The good thing is I've run all the updates and found a task for my 3rd but so far under employed raspberry Pi. New project to add to 'The List'.

Whilst at work going through th myriad of Handies, it occurred to me for marine work we have relied on HT's for team members. A modern trend away from mobile installs, we're about to buck and go back to rigs on the Rhibs. Why, if every team member carries like the busies ? Well during such a debate we remembered we boarded and commandeered a vessel to execute a rescue...Don't ask. All alright if you've just jumped aboard in your PFD & tac kit, not so much if you've just come up from a dive in the middle of an event and especially as I've dicovered marine VHF with 'Blutooth' !?

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