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This project started when I was asked which modern rigs had voice announcement, we have got used to this on digital modes. It made me wonder how partially sighted or blind hams adapt. Icom do V.A to an extent via a keyboard button, but Yaesu UK did tell me none of their new rigs did. I digress, on my travels I did find an additional board for my Yaesu FTM400. The board is one of two accessory boards with the other being for Bluetooth. Although these boards are both plug & play I did have another thought. We buy mobile phones with a startling array of widgetry built in, expect it, and with a few clicks can download and apply more widgetry. Why on earth don’t we expect more from our major transceiver manufacturers


  1. A Yaesu FVS-2 voice guide unit. I’ve included a link below for the YouTube on the Bluetooth unit (BU-2) with similar fitting elsewhere on the rig pcb.

  2. A good Phillips head screwdriver and the ability to watch the Youtube videos for instruction, links below. As always patience, meaning take time to have space to get your hand’ my fat fingers, into the PCB comfortably by removing the speaker cable & lid.

Useful links



  1. Learning about tech for inclusivity

I must admit that although I’m ageing I operate unimpaired. I did look at my rigs & hobby in a new light after I was asked the question, opening it to a wider view of the hobby.

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