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Bite Size

C4FM & Wires-X, bite size series

Preset Search mode using the calling frequency 144.6125 mhz for nodes & repeaters

Project 1 - Preset search mode for a node

This is a great feature and all you need is a second hand FTM100 to make this work with either a DR2 or other node, gateway radio already connected to Wires-X with an HRI200.

Wires-X was designed with a national calling frequency 144.6125 mhz, and this was intended to give you a ‘Where’s my nearest repeater’ handshake using the Wires-X button on that predetermined frequency.

Imagine the scenario where you are travelling with either a mobile or handy and want to L1ttleAliceuse a repeater. You don’t have any repeater details to hand but, your Wires-X button is pre-programmed to the national calling frequency.

You push the button.

The nearest listening repeater with a secondary radio on that frequency receives the ping and handshakes the repeater split to your radio and you are connected.

Depending on the repeater you may then have the choice to join any or a selection of rooms on Wires-X

The secondary radio node/gateway set up

  1. When you look at the back of the HRI200 there are two radio inputs 1. For main radio or repeater and 2. For the secondary radio. This will be connected with a duplicate HRI cable. In this example I’m showing the connections on a node/gateway.

  1. You will be connecting the secondary radio to input 2. In my case this is the FTM100, illustrated in the pictures

  2. Once connected you will need to power it up in Wires-X mode and the rest is done in the software.

  3. With both radios powered up in Wires-X mode go to your pc or laptop running the software.

  1. When you open the transceiver settings in the drop down, you’ll notice the second radio listed on the right hand side of the page. This is where you set the operating parameters.

  2. The designated frequency to be set 144.6125 mhz. This means that wherever you are as an operator with this system implemented on a node, gateway or repeater, the secondary radio handshakes your Wires-X call and sets your radio to the local node or repeater


This is not an exhaustive how to, but an introduction to one of a great number of features to explore in a node or repeater set up on C4FM Wires-X. Future ‘Bite size’ will do the same. ‘Bite size’ allows us to introduce elements like ‘Preset calling’, DG-ID, group mode and other features that build into a demonstration repeater at Moonraker separate from CG. In conjunction with Yaesu UK it will include IMRS internet connection to another repeater and P2P over a Ghz connection. It will make it easier to demonstrate all the features and get hands on.

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