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FFS Firmware update

I sit just me ? or with so many radios...Ok my bad, but who doesn't have a whole bunch of radios that at the time really did feel like a good idea when purchasing. Oh boy. That's a whole other story, the why did I buy that ? Anyway I only get round to do the firmware when it really has to be done. 3 FTM 400's with one on a version and the other two on an older FV. Because ? Well because I got away with out needing them compatible until now.

Ah, how hard can it be when I did one already, um 4 years ago ! An hour later and I had a hack for the two that really didn't want to talk to the memory software exactly as the other. I guess there was something in the software for programming the memories they just did not share. Work around, read from the two and surpplant the software via copy and paste with a little twist from the opther and save as a new entity. I wouldn't think too hard on it, it just had to work and long term I will probably find the glitch.

Back in the day I just needed my mate to pop round, lift the lid and go at it with a fashioned match stick, yes, yes I do have the tools now...But what fun and how easy compared to this software, that version, this GUI, that firmware and which com port, prolific driver.

I actually put off writing about the IMRS software for the DR2 for that reason. Having done the 400's I really did not feel like creating a static ip, opening ports and dropping software onto the board, fiting it and yada yada yada...Playing radio used to fun.

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