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LPF for HF mobile

I've actually had an RM KL405V for about 5 years and never used it in earnest, deciding to dig it out and use it for HF mobile. It is that old it is not the anodised versions you see now and has the odd blue graphic fronty panel, maybe to make it look less like the even older 'CB' amps. The problem is this was designed for 10 mhz and although can cover HF would I'm afraid be a splat master. The amp was bought on a budget and does exactly (almost - advertised at 200 watts peak back in the day even RM now claim 180 watts) it says, it does increase output power. However the filtering would make this little amp much more expensive and so these simple circuits carry on offering most of us some sort of power. The 405 will take 10 watts input and is quite generous in its six power steps. Having no great desire to be dishing out harmonics further up the bands, even moble, it was time to apply a filter. I have used two or three second hand Kenwood lpf very successfully and was looking for similar. This happens to be RMs' version. Basically if you have a conscience think about filtering these amplifiers.

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